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Quantitative results

Results in broiler chickens (Broilers)

The use of Algaemix in broilers diets has shown a remarkable improvement in duodenal morphometry, increasing the number of goblet cells, intestinal villi and mucosal length, all of which are essential for better nutrient absorption and increased productive response.

In addition, there is a notable decrease in intestinal and other organ inflammation with an increase of almost 100% of the immune response capacity, which drastically decreases treatment costs and the mortality rate.

Results in Laying Hens

The use of Algaemix in the diet of laying hens increases egg production, improves notably the most important egg quality indexes: Haugh units and yolk index. Additionally, it improves the intestinal health of the birds, decreasing mortality. Its contribution of micro minerals and carotenoid pigments contributes to better bone health and improved yolk and shell pigmentation, respectively.

Results in Trials

The use of Algaemix in the diet of fattening pigs has shown to improve zootechnical parameters of great interest to the producer, such as weight gain and feed conversion, due to a notable improvement in intestinal function and health, which led to a better assimilation of the diet with a lower feed consumption. In the cost-benefit analysis, a higher economic return per treated pig can be observed, which resulted in an increase in the profitability of the flock.

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