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Premium Sustainable Seaweed from Southern Peru

High quality standards

Friendly manufacturing processes

Organic seaweed

Our algae grow on the shores of the richest sea in the world, whose cold waters from the Antarctic, mixed with nutrients from the depths are enriched with essential nutrients from the Andes Mountains in a perfect combination of factors, to which are added the effects of the driest desert in the world, to create seaweeds with a super potent, concentrated and high quality biological content.


The wide variety of nutrients and bioactive components of our seaweeds provide the farmer with a potent amount of high quality natural components that help crops combat biological and environmental stresses such as water stress, heat stress, salinity, diseases and insect attacks. They also help to improve vegetative growth and development, promoting an increase in productive yield and better crop quality.


Algaex Agro Premium + Silicon

Biostimulant based on Premium seaweed. It is a liquid biostimulant and phytofortifier made with brown seaweeds of the species Lessonia nigrescens and Lessonia trabeculata from Peru, and enriched with a source of silicon based on montmorillonite.

Algaex Agro Concentrated Liquid Seaweed Extract

Premium seaweed based biostimulant. It is our liquid version of our solid product ALGAEX-AGRO PREMIUM, elaborated with brown seaweeds of the species Lessonia nigrescens and Lessonia trabeculata from Peru.

Algaex Agro Premium

Premium seaweed based biostimulant. Made with premium seaweed species Lessonia nigrescens and Lessonia trabeculata from Peru, composed of a heterogeneity of nutrients necessary for the growth and development of the plant.

Algaex Agro Premium + Amino Acids

Biostimulant based on Premium seaweeds. It is a soluble biostimulant based on L-α amino acids at 25% and brown seaweeds of the species Lessonia nigrescens and Lessonia trabeculata from Peru.

Nutritional Correctors

Throughout the crop cycle, it is common that there are nutritional deficiencies related to different causes, that is why we created the Algaex-Agro line of nutritional correctors to help the farmer to solve and correct these deficiencies and enhance productivity in the field. All our correctors are enriched with our PREMIUM seaweeds to favor the assimilation of nutrients and provide energy to the plant.

Soil, Root and Seeds

Soil is a complex and important system in which biotic and abiotic factors converge, whose interaction and balance are critical to achieve greater crop profitability. Good soil conditions and an active microbiota favor the growth and development of crops. Our Algaex-Agro amendments and solutions have been specially designed to help enhance the soil and its components, promoting greater interaction between the roots and their environment, intensifying the activity of the microbiota, and stimulating root growth and development with the biostimulant action of our Premium seaweeds within our formulas.

Algae Garden

Sustainable line based on Premium organic seaweeds for gardening, specially developed to help enhance the beauty and vigor of plants.

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