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Algaex Agro Premium

Algaex Agro Premium

Premium Seaweeds - based biostimulant

Algaex Agro Premium

Made with premium seaweed species Lessonia nigrescens and Lessonia trabeculata from Peru, composed of a heterogeneity of nutrients necessary for the growth and development of the plant. It contains carbohydrates, proteins, betaines, free amino acids, macroelements, naturally chelated microelements and phytohormones (source of natural Auxins).

A product marketed by ALGAEX S.A., designed for direct application to the plant, can be foliar and for use in seed treatment, and can also be applied to the plant by fertigation system. The natural substances of seaweeds have similar effects to certain seedling growth regulators used by plants, generating an increase in plant growth and production. They also present biocidal substances that inhibit certain pathogens, including viruses and fungi.


Nutracéutico Algas Pardas (Macrocystis integrifolia)

Nutraceuticals Brown Seaweed

Boost your day with Brown Seaweed Vegetarian Capsules More than 50% of sulfated polysaccharides
Algas Rojas (Gigartina Chamissoi)

Nutraceuticals Red Seaweed

Boost your day with Red Seaweed Vegetarian Capsules More than 40% of sulfated polysaccharides
Nutracéutico Gut Wellness

Nutraceuticals Gut Wellness

Plant based digestive booster and prebiotic, promotes gut health

Nutraceuticals Energy

Plant based energy booster, brain stimulant and vegan protein source

Nutraceuticals Anti - Aging

Powerful algae based antinflamatory and antioxidant

Algaex Agro Premium + Silicon

Biostimulant based on Premium seaweed. It is a liquid biostimulant and phytofortifier made with brown seaweeds of the species Lessonia nigrescens and Lessonia trabeculata from Peru, and enriched with a source of silicon based on montmorillonite.
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