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The bioactive components of seaweed have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, detoxifying and immunostimulant properties. In addition, some of these components also possess prebiotic properties that positively modify the bacterial microflora, improving digestibility, health and human well-being.
YUYU by algaex
The seaweeds that are part of the YUYU brand products have been sustainably harvested by artisanal communities of the Peruvian coast. Algaex assess the ecosystems where seaweeds come from and certifies their responsible and sustainable origin.

Healthy snacks

Our snacks have been designed to be not only super tasty, but also super healthy!

We know the properties that seaweed and plant extracts such as turmeric and kion can bring to your daily health, that’s why we have created a SUPER HEALTHY and SUPER TASTY combination of ingredients for you to enjoy at any time.

Did you know that seaweed gives you the following benefits?

  • Natural anti-inflammatory
  • Boosts immune system
  • Natural source of fibre
  • Natural source of vitamins and minerals
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Our line of nutraceuticals or natural adaptogens has been carefully formulated with experts from the food industry to contribute to the health and nutrition of children, youth and adults through the consumption of powdered extracts of plant species and seaweeds with high biological potential.


Nutracéutico Algas Pardas (Macrocystis integrifolia)

Nutraceuticals Brown Seaweed

Boost your day with Brown Seaweed Vegetarian Capsules More than 50% of sulfated polysaccharides
Algas Rojas (Gigartina Chamissoi)

Nutraceuticals Red Seaweed

Boost your day with Red Seaweed Vegetarian Capsules More than 40% of sulfated polysaccharides
Nutracéutico Gut Wellness

Nutraceuticals Gut Wellness

Plant based digestive booster and prebiotic, promotes gut health

Nutraceuticals Energy

Plant based energy booster, brain stimulant and vegan protein source

Nutraceuticals Anti - Aging

Powerful algae based antinflamatory and antioxidant

Dehydrated seaweed

Seaweed extracted in a sustainable way by artisanal communities in Pisco.

Chondracanthus chamissoi seaweed is good for health as it contains a high level of fiber, micronutrients and biomolecules with properties that help improve intestinal health and strengthen the immune system. After hydrating them, you can eat them in salads, and in hot or cold dishes, accompany your meals with a superfood from one of the richest seas in the world!

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