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Premix based on brown seaweed and its main active ingredients, for use in feed mills for all types of animals, whether aquatic or terrestrial (farm or companion). The concentrated bioactive components present in ALGAE-PREMIX increase the beneficial microbiota, protect the liver, improve digestion, enhance the immune response and motivate the growth of villi and goblet cells, improving nutrient absorption and intestinal health in general, positively impacting parameters such as weight gain and feed conversion.


A mixture of strategically selected seaweeds for use in balanced feed factories for aquaculture species (fish and crustaceans) that, thanks to its high concentration of bioactive compounds, acts in a differentiated manner as a prebiotic, antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral and intestinal development stimulant, guaranteeing a better absorption of nutrients, an effective immune response and an optimal metabolism for weight gain and feed conversion, which will be reflected in the improvement of production and increase of biomass.


Mixture of carefully selected seaweeds for the manufacture of balanced feed for terrestrial animals (monogastrics and ruminants) whose bioactive compounds act in a differentiated way as a prebiotic agent, antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral, stimulating the development of intestinal villi and goblet cells, guaranteeing a better absorption of nutrients, a better protection of the intestinal mucosa, an effective immune response and an optimal metabolism for protein production, acting positively on parameters such as weight gain, feed conversion and net profit.

Poultry and swine quantitative results

Studies in commercial and small-scale farms show the multiple benefits of Algaemix® in animal nutrition and health.

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