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Eisenia cokeri

Common name:

The Arame

Distribution and Biology:

It is a brown algae of the Chromista species. It is a habitat-forming species that dominates the shallow rocky subtidal. Due to its vulnerability and restricted distribution in these forests, Eisenia should be considered a protected species. This species, with the appearance of a bush or tree, reaches about 2.5 m in length and is attached to the rocky substrate by a solid disk that is up to 20 cm high, is irregular in shape and is formed by hapteriums fused together. Between 1 and 30 thick, rigid, slightly flattened stipes originate from this disc. Each stipe branches 3 to 4 times in a dichotomous or subdichotomous manner.


This seaweed is harvested by hand in the provinces of Casma and Huarmey, Ancash Region. It is mainly used for the production of alginates; as raw material for the production of fertilizers. It is also used in the production of dietary supplements and in the production of animal feed.

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