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Chondracanthus chamissoi

Common name:

Peru: Yuyo, female yuyo
Chile: Chicoria of sea

Distribution and Biology:

Chondracanthus chamissoi is a carragenophyte species that inhabits the cold coasts of Chile and Peru. Its natural distribution ranges from the coast of Paita, Peru, to the coast of Ancud, Chile. It inhabits the low intertidal and subtidal zone, reaching up to 15 meters deep in bays protected from waves. Its size is variable, being able to reach up to 50 cm. in length.


C. chamissoi, is a resource of great commercial importance, both for industrial use, as well as for direct consumption. It is used industrially because it synthesizes sulfated polysaccharides of very good quality (carrageenans), mainly used in the meat and dairy industry. In Peru, it is widely consumed fresh in a great variety of typical dishes.
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