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Rhodymenia corallina

Common name:

Holmes's Rose Weeds

Distribution and Biology:

Algae with a flat and dichotomous frond, called corallina for its resemblance to corals; bright light red; with erect, foliaceous, narrow, dichotomously branched thallus and multiaxial organization. They can reach 20 cm in height. It has a dense medullary region, made up of large colorless cells with a rounded outline, and a cortical region made up of small cells with plastids. It belongs to the family of rhodophycean red algae. It is not a common species and its distribution can be seen on the coasts of Peru and Chile. Rich in minerals and proteins.


This macroalgae is collected from the Piura region to the southern area of ​​Arequipa. It is used as a producer of carrageenan. They are used as food and used to produce agar, carrageenans and other food additives.

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